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Business Owners

Kickstart your trading journey with our FREE training. Learn the fundamentals of forex trading & discover how complete beginners are leaving their day jobs & becoming their own boss in just 45 minutes!

What is The Trading Lab?

The Trading Lab is a one-stop platform for traders of all levels who want to build a consistently profitable trading business. We provide the education, tools & support to get to consistent profitability fast.

  • Precision through mechanical, rule-driven methods. Our entire approach is broken down into straightforward rules, eliminating subjectivity & chart anxiety.
  • Breakthrough results. Some members have scaled to 5 figure months within 6 months of joining, sometimes with zero prior experience. 
  • Transformational programmes. We provide the complete educational infrastructure to become a profitable trader & beyond! 

What Our Members
Are Saying

I have been on James' course since June and 6 months later in December I'm now funded with a £140k trading account with FTMO.

Tim W

Onwards and upwards for me now. Thank you for creating an efficient & simplistic way of crushing the markets!

Chris Mcn

After the first month of joining, every single month after has been profitable, often with double digit returns.

Terry H

World's Most Data-Backed Trading Education

We're proud to be the world's only trading educator providing continued in-depth data into the performance of our methodology. Our Master Strategy Spreadsheet has logged every trade since May 2020, on 10 currency markets and is updated daily. We're redefining what trading education should look like & giving proof our methodology works so members can trade with confidence.*

*Unfortunately, the majority of trading educators are unable to provide data verifying the efficacy of their methodologies, encouraging users to manually test the strategies themselves.

Comprehensive education 

We provide a complete trading curriculum, equipping people with the skills to become a profitable trader, from the group up. Our course is complete with quizzes, practical exercises & educational materials to expedite learning in the most efficient way possible.

  • Lifetime access means members can learn at a pace that suits them.
  • Includes a collection of out-the-box tools including trade trackers & analyser tools.
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Simple, effective strategies 

Our data-validated trading strategies are easy to learn allowing traders to profit from any financial market.

  • Our strategies can be applied on any time frame, making it easy for traders to customise their trading to their lifestyle and routine. 
  • 2 mechanical, rules-based trade setups designed to exploit a wide range of opportunities.   

We don't just provide a course, we provide a community. Our global network consists of traders from 15+ countries all looking to master the markets.

  • Continued support & accountability.  
  • Ask questions & receive feedback from more experienced members.

4 Steps to Financial Freedom

1. Complete our FREE Online Training

Our FREE 45 minute training will get you up to speed on all the fundamentals of financial trading & equip you with practical knowledge to start your journey. Already know the basics? Skip to step 2. 

2. Sign up to our Pro Trader course

Our online programme is a comprehensive education that'll allow you to build a profitable trading business. You can get more information about the FREE training  by clicking here. 

3. Begin profiting in the markets

Once you've completed our course, you'll have the knowledge to start trading with confidence & find high-probability opportunities in any financial market. 

4. Go to the next level

Once you're confident in your skills, take your life to the next level by scaling your trading profits. Our advanced ELEVATE course is available to you at this stage should you decide to expedite this process.

Frequently Asked Questions

What does The Trading Lab offer?

We offer 2 online programmes.

Our Pro Trader course is designed for individuals that want to build a highly profitable trading business.

ELEVATE is geared towards profitable traders that want to elevate their success and achieve their ideal lifestyles. 

The combination of these 2 programmes gives anyone the ability to learn how to trade profitably and subsequently scale their results to achieve incredible lifestyles through financial trading. 

Will trading be right for me?

If you're seeking to enhance your financial situation, gain more time or freedom, trading may be a viable option for you. We firmly believe that virtually anyone can become a successful trader, affording the opportunity to work remotely, set your own schedule, and potentially achieve uncapped earnings. If you're still uncertain, we encourage you to complete our FREE training, which will provide you with a comprehensive overview of what trading entails and help you decide if it aligns with your goals and interests.

What are the risks involved with trading?

Without the correct training, trading can carry the potential for substantial financial risk. However, within our Pro Trader Course, we've dedicated an entire module to risk management.  Here, you'll learn how to safely control your risk by capping your potential loss in any single trade to 1% of the overall account balance. The application of this and the other rules you'll learn will make it unlikely to experience any significant monetary loss.

Do I need experience?

No. Our programme is designed for any experience level. In fact, some of our most successful members, unencumbered from previous strategies, started as complete beginners. 

How much money do I need to start trading?

The majority of trading brokers offer the option to open a demo account, enabling novice traders to hone their skills without any financial risk. When you're ready to transition to live trading, many brokers permit you to fund an account with as little as £100. Naturally, the larger the account you can trade with, the greater your profit potential. Therefore, many members seek funding through prop firms like FTMO, which enable them to quickly scale to 5 or 6-figure trading accounts.

What kind of results do your members get?

Our members have achieved a wide range of results, from beginners who have developed their trading skills and made consistent profits to more experienced traders who have scaled their earnings significantly. Some have reached five-figure monthly incomes within just six months of joining, demonstrating the potential for substantial growth. The results our members attain depend on their dedication, application of our methodology, and their individual trading goals.

How do I get started now?

Regardless of what experience level you're starting from, we'd recommend going through our FREE training first. This will ensure you're going into programme with the right foundations in place. From there, you're able to join our Pro Trader Course which you can get more information about here. 

Do you have any free resources I can check out?

Yes, if you'd like to learn more about our programme and what we offer before making a commitment, we have several free resources available for you to explore. Here are some options to get started:

  1. Kickstarter Training: Start with our Kickstarter training, which provides an introduction to trading, getting up to speed with the fundamentals. 
  2. Podcast Episodes: You can find multiple podcast episodes under the 'Resources' section on our website. Simply hover over 'Podcasts' to access these episodes.
  3. Ultimate Forex Knowledge Test: Test your current knowledge of forex and trading by taking our Ultimate Forex Knowledge test.
  4. Free Facebook Trading Mastery Group: Consider joining our free Facebook Trading Mastery group for regular discussions and insights.
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