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Regardless of your current level of experience, this course walks you through EVERY step of becoming a highly effective and profitable trader.


Don't go it alone! Join a global network of traders all looking to master the markets. Get support & accountability from traders of all levels. 

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No need to source or pay for third-party tools. Our programme includes everything a professional trader needs. 

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A complete & comprehensive education in 10 modules

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The Trading Lab
Module 1: Market Structure & Price Action
Learn the technical framework as well as the simple steps to systematically identify and draw market structure. Discover the 5-part classification system that lets you catalogue EVERY possible price movement and the expected movements which arise out of each. No technical indicators...just a straightforward system you can use to remove discretion and apply consistently to analyse the markets to a high and professional level.  
The Trading Lab
Module 2: Multiple Time Frame Analysis
Learn, in depth the power of multiple time frame analysis. Discover how to filter out subpar trade setups and identify the opportunities that will maximise your profit potential. Trade in alignment with the flow of institutional capital so you can find high-probability setups with the best risk to reward potential.
The Trading Lab
Module 3: Risk Management
Master the powerful risk management rules to protect your money in this potential financial minefield. You'll see how these rules will make it virtually impossible to experience significant account drawdown. You'll also discover one simple, yet often-ignored thing that causes many traders to over-expose their accounts...without even realising it!
The Trading Lab
Modules 4 & 5: Entering The Market & The Setups
Learn the individual components that constitute a successful entry into the market. It's here where you will discover the 2 actionable trading strategies our members use to leverage opportunities in any market condition with pinpoint accuracy.
The Trading Lab
Module 6: Trade Management
Discover 2 mechanical, robust management methods you can use to extract maximum profits from your trades. You'll also learn the unique Risk Pyramiding technique to amplify your profits when the market condition allows it to make sometimes double digit returns in single trades...all whilst never exposing your account to more than 1%!
The Trading Lab
Module 7: Journalling & Quantitative Analysis
Bring the science back into trading by learning how to master your numbers with the effective journalling and analysis of your trading data. Discover what pairs and setups work best for your trading style and dig deep into the characteristics of individual currency pairs. 
The Trading Lab
Module 8: Routines
The exact step-by-step guide to give your trading day and week structure. Never miss a high-probability trade with a highly effective daily routine, where you'll always be in tune with the market's movements. Learn how to structure the performance reviews which will serve in your continued development and how to forecast probable price movements so you can always stay one step ahead. 
The Trading Lab
Module 9: Practical Psychology
A true master class in practical trading psychology where you'll learn how to cultivate a professional trader's mindset. Discover the 4 pillars – the successful implementation of which will help you master emotional management and overcome ANY psychologically-driven trading problem. Reframe your perception of losses, deeply understand the role of probabilities and cultivate a winning mindset.
The Trading Lab
Module 10: Your Trading Plan
Bring everything you've learnt together into your own professional bespoke trading plan that will give you a truly competitive edge. You get access to a complete trading plan template to customise and build out your own trading manual that will guide you to consistent probability. 

Pro Trader Course

10 information-packed modules teach you a complete data-validated trading methodology so you can learn from a seasoned professional with years of real market experience.

  • Over 60 high-quality video lessons
  • Interactive quizzes
  • Cheatsheets, pin-ups & action items


The best traders need the best tools. The Trading Lab provides you with a collection of out-the-box, ready-to-go tools that will take your trading to the next level.

  • The Master Strategy Spreadsheet
  • Trade Analyser
  • Trade journal & trade plan templates
online forex course


Trade beside James and other students in the exclusive member-only Discord channel. Share ideas, ask questions, get feedback and chat with other like-minded people.

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Master Strategy Spreadsheet

Nothing we teach at The Trading Lab hasn't been rigorously tested against historical data. That's why we maintain a dynamic, daily-updated database logging every valid trade over 10 currency pairs. As opposed to most trading educators who just give you their word their strategy works, we prove it!

  • Daily updated trade record 
  • 2500+ trades 
  • No manual backtesting 

Market breakdowns

Market overviews allow you to see first-hand how a profitable trader performs technical analysis, builds watchlists and capitalises on market opportunities. See the strategy applied in a practical, everyday context.

  • 20+ hours 
  • Trade recaps/market breakdown  
  • Upcoming market opportunities

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