how to trade it

In this How to Trade It podcast, myself and host Casey Stubbs dive into a whole host of interesting trading topics from: understanding the theoretical premise of your strategy, balancing trading & personal life, achieving work-life balance and the importance of setting clear boundaries and routines when transitioning to full-time trading. 

Time Stamps:
0.48: James’ journey
3.30: The importance of long-term vision
5.44: Addressing trading attrition rates
10.30: The essentials beginners need to have
15.20: James’ strategy
22.15: The importance of HTF analysis
25.13: James' daily trading routine
27.08: Grading your trades
29.20: How is your life different since being a trader?
31.26: James’ first breakthrough month
33.35: Balancing being a dad & trading
44.15: Making the move from work to trading
46.25: Using pain as motivation
54.38: What can beginners expect from my programme
56.26: How the course works
1:00:15: Optimising yourself 

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