Side hustle city

Welcome to this podcast with Side Hustle City. In this interview, I provide a practical overview of financial trading with insights into how we, as traders can manage risk & navigate news events. I touch on the difference between predicting & probabilistic forecasting as well as share my thoughts on artificial intelligence in the trading space....and BMW drivers. Enjoy!

Time Stamps:
02.00: James’ journey
05.02: Advice for people with 'excusitis'
07.30: How traders "predict"
09.22: Probabilities in trading
10.51: Forex fundamentals
12.23: James' forex introduction
25.13: James' daily trading routine 
16.00: Student successes 
21.05: The exponential realities of drawdown
26.31: Managing news events in forex
29.00: AI in trading
31.08: BMW drivers
33.12: Forex and the future
35.53: Programme information

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