The Trading Nut - Part 1

In this Trading Nut interview, I dive deep into how you can build a profitable strategy by data collection and building upon fundamental market principles. I share my thoughts on technical indicators, stress the importance of multiple time frame analysis and even share my own personal trading journey. 

I also explore the psychological side of trading and delve deep into what I call the 4 pillars - the application of which will allow you to master any emotoianly driven trading problem. I talk handling losses, thinking probabilistically, removing the concept of money & the steps to building a winning mindset. 

Time Stamps:
5.24: James' personal trading journey
9.46:  Developing the strategy
16.26: Trading live
19.12: Strategy stats
22.25: Entering the market using stop orders
29.14: Typical trading day
30.40: Advice for new traders
36.40: Why MTF analysis is king
38.16: The 4 Pillars to mastering trading psychology  

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