Unlock Your Dream Life: The Ultimate Transformation Programme For Profitable Traders


A bespoke trader transformation programme designed to take profitable traders to  their ideal lives!

An 8-Module Transformation

The Trading Lab

Module 1:
Designing Your Ideal Life

Start your journey by crafting your ultimate life vision in unprecedented detail. Define your future expenses and attain unrivaled clarity on your goals with this empowering module.

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Lesson One - The 7 Keys

Lesson Two - Goal Setting Workshop

Lesson Three - Mapping Your Ideal Life

Lesson Four - Getting Visual

The Trading Lab

Module 2:
Recalibrating Your Psychology

Gain profound insight into your existing thought patterns & behaviors and uncover past limitations before crafting a new, optimised belief system designed to propel you toward your goals. Select empowering values, beliefs, and attitudes to completely rewire your psychology.

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Lesson One - Your Personal Inventory

Lesson Two - Your Ideal Inventory

The Trading Lab - Module 1

Module 3:
Creating Your Future Self

Construct a fresh identity, a future 'You' fortified with empowering beliefs & behaviors. Discover how to leave your current self on the sidelines and embrace this alternate 'You' whenever necessary on your path to your dream life.

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Lesson One - The Alter Ego Effect

Lesson Two - Building Your Alter Ego

Lesson Three - Activating Your Alter Ego

The Trading Lab

Module 4:
Scaling Your Account

Expoentially scale your trading profits. Learn the 2 primary methods to grow your account safely, each with a comprehensive guide for successful implementation and realization.

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Lesson One - Funding Options

Lesson Two - Private Investment

Lesson Three - Prop Firms

Module 5:

Understand the fundamentals of your tax situation, enabling you to seek professional guidance as to maximise your the retention of your trading profits.

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Lesson One - Tax

Module 6:
Money Management

Take the reins of your financial future with the knowledge to construct an inflation-resistant portfolio, ensuring your money continues to work for you. Explore a comprehensive crash course in personal investing, equipped with practical tools to monitor your portfolio performance.

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Lesson One - The Power of Taking Control

Lesson Two - The Asset Classes

Lesson Three - ETF's

Lesson Four - Portfolio Construction

Lesson Five - Hedging

The Trading Lab

Module 7:
Mastering Yourself

Unlock the secrets to optimise body & mind with proven strategies perfected by James during 5 years in the health & fitness industry. Explore the arts of cultivating your "mental garden", designing an effective workout regiment, optimising your sleep and so much more!

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Lesson One - Mind: Meditation

Lesson Two - Mind: Nourishing Your Garden

Lesson Three - Mind: General Housekeeping

Lesson Four - Body: Nutrition

Lesson Five - Body: Exercise

Lesson Six - Body: Optimising Sleep

The Trading Lab

Module 8:
Mastering Your World

Become an unstoppable human being by mastering your reality. Become a practitioner of 80/20 thinking, prime your environment for deep work, optimise your time usage and get my top tips for living the laptop lifestyle!

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Lesson One - Your Morning Routine

Lesson Two - Automate to Elevate

Lesson Three - 80/20 Thinking

Lesson Four - Time Management Vs Time Optimisation

Lesson Five - Deep Work: Priming Your Environment

Lesson Six - Living the Laptop Lifestyle

Lesson Six - The Path That's Been Laid

Frequently Asked Questions

  • How long does the programme take?

ELEVATE is a transformation programme and everyone's journey is different. We recommend you take as long as you need with the content and only progress through the modules when a complete application of the previous one has been achieved.

  • How long do I get access to the programme?

Once you've joined the programme, you will get lifetime access to all the course content & the ELEVATE dashboard resources. Rewatch, rewind and revise as many times as you need.

  • What if I get questions after I've joined?

If you need any additional support once you've joined the programme, you're able to ask any questions or request any feedback in the questions section under each lesson. 

  • Do I need to go through your Pro Trader Course first?

No. ELEVATE is designed for any profitable trader that wants to scale-up & achieve their ideal lifestyle. If you're not yet generating consistently profitable returns within your trading, we'd recommend checking out our Pro Trader course

The ELEVATE Dashboard 

Bespoke Tools & Resources

The ELEVATE dashboard is full of interactive tools & resources to compliment the core programme. 

  • Complete goal setting resources.  7 keys goal setter, ideal life template, expenses tool & vision board to get unrivalled clarity on your dream life.
  • Workout planner.  Build your own exercise regime. Complete with full workout templates.
  • Portfolio allocation tracker. Establish your portfolio allocation and track asset performance.  
  • Meditations/affirmations. Master your mind with hand-picked meditations & affirmations. 
  • Daily planner. Optimise time management with our online tool. 
  • SO much more! Psychology worksheets, digital wallpapers, reading lists and nutrition cheatsheets all included.  

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