The Trading Lab

Personal Coaching

 Expert Coaching

Private mentoring helps you pinpoint specific performance areas with clear actionable exercises for constant improvement. 

 Interactive  Space

A digital station to see all your session summaries, feedback and goals. Upload trades and questions for review in the session. 


Work with James to set personalised goals and ensure adherence to fundamental trading processes which lead to consistency. 




  • 1X 1 Hour Coaching Session
  • Personal Notion Workspace 
  • Pay Securely Via Stripe



  • 4X 1 Hour Coaching Sessions
  • Personal Notion Workspace 
  • Pay Securely Via Stripe

Frequently Asked Questions

  • How often should I have a session?

It really depends on what you feel will be beneficial for your development. Some students have sessions bi-weekly at each performance review stage whilst others will have 1 per month to keep their skills sharp and get unbiased feedback about their trading. 

  • How many sessions will I need?

No easy answer here as it depends on what stage of development you are at. Having a coach and regular sessions will never be detrimental. Even seasoned traders with many months of profitability will benefit from having the accountability and unbiased feedback from a coach. 

  • How long is each session?

Coaching sessions are 60 minutes long and are completely tailed to your particular needs. We recommend spending at least 15 minutes prior to the call to review your digital workspace where you can pre-prepare questions and recent trades for easy review with James. 

  • What will coaching teach me that isn't in the course?

Whilst the course teaches the complete framework of trading profitably, coaching is designed to help highlight a trader's specific performance areas and to implement practical, action-oriented tasks to improve them. 

About Your Coach, James.

James has been trading the markets for 6 years, having initially started in stocks and then onto the currency markets. 

After successfully implementing his data-proven strategies in the markets for 5 years, he decided to help coach and mentor other aspiring/developing traders build a consistently profitable trading business. He wanted to show ordinary people that they can achieve extraordinary lives through the financial markets.

He doesn't subscribe to the idea that a life where you can be psychically and financially free is reserved for only the lucky few. He believes that anyone has the inherent power to steer their life in any direction that want it to go, just like he has done with his.